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Mar 30, 2020



The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn:


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Mar 23, 2020


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Mar 20, 2020

You're in for a treat as Matt and Kyel release this bonus episode to get you through the myriad of cancellations, segregations, hyperbolizations and toilet paper rations.  This episode is on nothing in particular, but bounces from COVID-19, to Dave Matthews Band (actually Counting Crows, but seriously, who cares?), to...

Mar 16, 2020

Kyel and Matt discuss justification through faith, which leads to God pouring the supernatural grace of Charity into our hearts, and how it is only through the grace of Charity that we are able to do good works.  So ultimately, our good works flow from justification, not the other way around.  Kyel also brings up the...

Mar 9, 2020


“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God, or the requesting of good things from God.” - St. John Damascene


“Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new; late have I loved Thee!  For Behold, Thou were within me, and I outside, and I sought Thee outside and in my...