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Feb 17, 2020

Kyel and Matt tackle the second of the 7 Sacraments, the Sacrament of Confession.  Please subscribe to the show if you haven't already, leave us a comment and a rating, and share the show with your friends!  Anyone who shares our show on social media and provides proof of said sharing will receive a shout-out on one of...

Feb 10, 2020

Topics of Conversation:

President Trump Acquittal

State of the Union Address

Superbowl Halftime Show

Confirmation Retreat: Matt and Kyel co-lead a small group of 16 high school students preparing for the sacrament of confirmation, and this past weekend they helped lead the confirmation retreat.  Matt and Kyel enjoyed...

Feb 3, 2020

Kyel and Matt get the opportunity to sit down and chat with a real life scientist, Dr. Dani Seckfort, and discuss the congruencies between faith and scientist. If you think the two cannot coexist, this episode is for you!

Check out Dr. Dani's website

Look for her on Twitter at...

Jan 27, 2020

Kyel and Matt discuss a topic that's been on both their minds recently; "How do we trust in God to take care of us without falling into the trap of complacency?"

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Jan 20, 2020

Kyel and Matt start their seven-part series on the sacraments, getting things kicked off with an episode on the sacrament of baptism. Who should be baptized? What is baptism? When should someone be baptized? Where does baptism take place? Why do we need to be baptized? How does baptism happen? These would've been...